Rebecca Taylor wins Progressive Conservative nomination in Colchester North
Colchester North needs new leadership and a fresh face says Baillie

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Matthew Donahoe to represent the PCs in Halifax Needham
Baillie says Donahoe’s experiences in education make him a strong new addition to PC team

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Carvery to carry PC banner in Preston-Dartmouth
Baillie says Carvery’s wealth of experience makes him a valuable member of the PC team

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Jamie Baillie

Recognized and known for his strong leadership in the business world and as a public servant, PC Party leader Jamie Baillie has a strong plan to rebuild Nova Scotia’s economy and get us on the right track. He is a competent leader who will create more jobs and bring our sons and daughters home so Nova Scotia can grow.

For five consecutive years, Jamie was recognized as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs. As CEO, Jamie led Credit Union Atlantic to steady growth and increased dividends for members. He is a member of Atlantic Business Magazine’s Hall of Fame and in 2010 he was named a Fellow Chartered Accountant, the highest designation for that profession.