5 ways Stephen McNeil failed Nova Scotia’s classrooms

May 03, 2017 at 3:40 pm

Today, Stephen McNeil re-announced pre-primary for four-year-olds, but families, teachers and students know that the Liberals cannot be trusted with our kids’ education. Nova Scotians have already seen what the McNeil Liberals will do to our education system.

The McNeil record speaks for itself.

Here are five ways Stephen McNeil made our education system weaker:

Locked kids out of the classrooms
· Left parents with less than 48 hours to scramble for childcare
Forced parents to spend money on alternative childcare right before Christmas
Put students’ safety at risk when they could have attended school and been kept safe by their teachers

Failed to negotiate in good faith, forced Bill 75
· Ignored teachers’ concerns and took the heavy-handed approach by imposing a contract
Turned away 300 people who wanted to speak at the Law Amendments Committee
Saddled taxpayers with years of costly lawsuits and unknown legal fees

Uploaded a video about teacher talks breaking down while negotiations were ongoing
· Proved he wasn’t bargaining in good faith by recording and uploading the video before talks broke down
Shattered the trust between his government and teachers
Played politics with the education system and divided teachers, parents and students

Caused the first ever province-wide teachers’ strike
· Failed to negotiate a collective agreement with teachers, something every government that’s tried for 122 years managed to do successfully
Defended Bill 75 as thousands of teachers gathered in the streets to push back against the Liberals’ bullying tactics

Advanced political schools in Liberal constituencies
· Made political decisions to build schools in Liberal constituencies ahead of schools with greater need
· Advanced schools in his constituency, as well as Education Minister Karen Casey’s, only to have the Auditor General find no evidence to support those decisions