PCs expect transparent planning for QEII redevelopment

May 14, 2019 at 8:57 am

Later today, PC Healthcare Critic Karla MacFarlane and Healthcare Committee member Barbara Adams will ask the Health and Transportation Infrastructure Renewal Departments to share details about the QEII redevelopment plan.

For two years, the PC Caucus has been calling on the Liberals to be transparent and release all the details of the plan. The rollout has been piecemeal at best.

“A $2 billion hospital redevelopment plan deserves the utmost transparency and accountability, something this project has been lacking,” says MacFarlane. “Nova Scotians are anxiously awaiting a plan, a real blueprint for how hospital services  are going to improve for the better.”

While Nova Scotians face the healthcare crisis head-on every day, MacFarlane and Adams agree that the Liberal solution to hallway medicine is to build better hallways.

“Around the Caucus table, we’re wondering how the redevelopment plan will alleviate critical, immediate challenges in healthcare for Nova Scotians today,” says Adams. “The Liberals need to get serious about recruiting and retaining doctors. It’s short-sighted to hope that doctors will come if we have new buildings.”

MacFarlane is once again calling on the Liberal government to release the Deloitte report recommending a public-private partnership for the redevelopment.

“Yes, we need a new hospital, but Nova Scotians deserve to know how a P3 decision was made and why it’s the best bang for our buck,” says MacFarlane. “Releasing the Deloitte report would be a big step towards transparency for taxpayers.”