McNeil Liberal Candidate’s Photo-Op Backfires!

April 20, 2017 at 2:46 pm

“…using students to advance one’s agenda–is inappropriate”, Minister of Education, Karen Casey.

The McNeil Liberal candidate in Dartmouth East is facing backlash after using a non-profit organization’s reading visit at an elementary school as an opportunity to enter a grade 3 classroom and take a partisan photo without permission.

The teacher of the class explained the incident in a post to the Broken Glass Voters of Nova Scotia group on Facebook. The teacher said they weren’t made aware the man reading to the class was Liberal candidate Edgar Burns until after a photographer snapped the photo.

The grade 3 teacher wrote she felt “duped into a photo-op for the liberal party” after the Dartmouth East Liberal Association posted the picture of Edgar Burns posing in front of her classroom.


In late February, the McNeil Liberals voted to end the teachers’ work-to-rule campaign by passing Bill 75. The legislation imposed a contract on teachers and ignored real classroom reforms teachers have been asking for. All McNeil Liberal MLAs voted in support of this legislation.

When commenting on the teachers’ work-to-rule campaign back in December, Education Minister Karen Casey wrote, “using students to advance one’s agenda–is inappropriate,”

If the McNeil Liberals think using students to advance an agenda is inappropriate, why is Stephen McNeil allowing his candidates to do exactly that?

The Progressive Conservative Party has committed to repealing Bill 75 and focusing on real classroom reforms ignored by the McNeil Liberals, so students are positioned to succeed and teachers are empowered to teach.