After four years Darrell Dexter still doesn’t understand the economy

September 13, 2013 at 11:16 am

HAMMONDS PLAINS, NS – Today’s announcement from the Dexter NDP proves that after four failed years in government, they still don’t understand how to manage the economy.

“You need a job before you can buy a house,” said Gina Byrne, Progressive Conservative candidate for Hammonds Plains-Lucasville. “We’ve seen 2,700 full-time jobs disappear under the Dexter NDP’s watch and today’s announcement will do nothing to reverse that tide.”

In contrast to the high tax, high spend plans being offered by the Liberals and the NDP, Gina Byrne says Jamie Baillie’s Progressive Conservative plan, Change That Works, is a blueprint to create more jobs.

The Progressive Conservative plan will kick-start the economy and create 20,000 new jobs by lowering taxes, scrapping the tax on small businesses, freezing power rates and stopping wasteful spending.

Gina Byrne also pointed out the irony of the Dexter NDP making any promise having to with the HST. In 2009 Darrell Dexter promised he would not raise the HST. He broke that promise immediately after he was elected.

“We need a real plan for job creation. The NDP had four years and all they have to show for it are foreclosure signs and long unemployment lines. The Liberals are promising more of the same,” said Byrne. “Jamie Baillie’s plan for real change will put Nova Scotians back to work by putting jobs and the economy first.”