Allan MacMaster’s open letter to the Department of Natural Resources

May 16, 2017 at 9:55 am

MacMaster is calling for the department to immediately step in and protect an orphaned bear cub from being euthanized.

Today, Progressive Conservative candidate for Inverness Allan MacMaster wrote an open letter to Deputy Minister for the Department of Natural Resources, Julie Towers.

The letter says the following:

“Dear Deputy Minister Towers,

I am writing about the fate of two bear cubs found in Inverness County yesterday. A post on Facebook has received over 46,000 views, over 1000 shares and 231 comments in just 9 hours. There is overwhelming support to change the current Nova Scotia government policy on rehabilitation for bears in this type of situation.

Here is a copy of the Facebook post:

“We have a little bear cub to save. A mother bear died and her cubs were found today (Monday) trying to hide in trees nearby here in Inverness County. Nova Scotia is one of only two provinces that do not allow bears to be saved and re-introduced to the wild. Yesterday I spoke with Hope Swinimer of Hope For Wildlife. Her organization is willing to take them with a plan to return them to the wild, but unless the policy is changed, one of the bears will be taken to a wildlife park, and the other will be euthanized. That could happen as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). Who wants to help? Share this post, like it, or comment on it. The more interest people take, the greater the chance these cubs will have to live. Why not let Hope For Wildlife have a chance to try?”

Please consider the public support, and the evidence of eight other Canadian provinces whose policies allow the rehabilitation of bears like these cubs. Keep them alive and give them a chance through Hope for Wildlife.

Allan MacMaster
PC Candidate for re-election, Inverness”