Auditor General disappointed with Liberal’s School Capital Planning

December 01, 2016 at 3:03 pm

KENTVILLE – John Lohr, MLA for Kings North, says the decision by the McNeil government to fund schools in Liberal ridings while passing over schools with greater needs is unfair to Nova Scotians.

Today, Auditor General Michael Pickup released his report about School Capital Planning and concluded taxpayers deserve more transparency and accountability from McNeil’s Liberal government. Trust has been broken once again.

Bridgetown, a community in the Premier’s riding, received a new school before other schools with greater needs around the province. The cost to taxpayers is $24 million and there are no documents supporting McNeil’s decision to fund this school over other schools were higher on the list. The McNeil government has not been able to adequately address Pickup’s concerns about how certain schools jumped the queue.

“The Auditor General confirmed today what we’ve suspected all along,” says Lohr. “The McNeil government has rewarded his constituency for voting red.”

Lohr questioned Minister Casey and the Premier on Bridgetown on November 4th during Question Period and received nothing but fluff for an answer.

“The Auditor General, the highest independent audit that is done on our province, is calling the actions of the McNeil Liberals shameful,” says Lohr. “The government is making decisions based on political motives and looking after themselves. I am disappointed “