Baillie announces real tax relief for families

September 18, 2013 at 9:51 am

PC tax cuts will boost household budgets

SYDNEY MINES, NS – A Progressive Conservative government will give Nova Scotia families a break with meaningful tax relief, PC leader Jamie Baillie said today.

Baillie unveiled his party’s plan for tax relief at Layton’s Lumber in Sydney Mines. Layton’s is a family business that was founded in 1902.

A PC government will decrease the HST by two per cent and allow families a chance to get ahead. Over four years, the HST cut will save each Nova Scotian taxpayer almost $1,800.

“Lower taxes will give families an opportunity to put a few dollars away for a child’s education, to catch up on bills or to buy supplies at Layton’s to fix the roof,” Baillie said.

In addition to decreasing the HST, a Progressive Conservative government will provide other meaningful tax relief. Baillie previously released his plan to give Nova Scotians $92 million in gas tax relief by putting an end to tax-on-tax and to put more than $15 million into the hands of parents and teachers over four years with a tax credit of up to $200 on school supplies.

“Lower taxes take some of the pressure off businesses like ours,” Donald Layton said. “When people have more money in their pockets, our business improves.”

The Dexter NDP broke its 2009 election promise not to raise taxes and instead hiked the HST by two percent, the largest tax grab in Nova Scotia history. At the four-year anniversary of this broken promise, every Nova Scotian taxpayer will be nearly $1,800 poorer.

“The NDP broken HST promise put a real financial burden on hard working families,” said Baillie. “It means they have less money to spend in local businesses like Layton’s and small businesses have a harder time growing and hiring new staff.”

When it comes to high taxes, the Liberals and the NDP are the same. The last four years of NDP government have been hard on Nova Scotians. High taxes and high power rates have taken their toll.

The Liberals also have an expensive agenda and an energy scheme that is proven to raise rates in other places. The Liberals will leave the HST where it is – the highest in Canada.

Only the Progressive Conservative Party will make big changes to turn the economy around with lower taxes, frozen power rates, stopping wasteful spending and creating more jobs.