Baillie calls on Minister Regan to protect student teacher certifications

December 01, 2016 at 3:01 pm

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is calling on the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education, Kelly Regan, to assure student teachers that their certifications will not be impacted by the mess the McNeil Liberals have caused in the education system.

In order to receive a Nova Scotia Teacher’s Certificate, education students must have a minimum of 60 credit hours of approved professional studies, including a practicum of at least 15 weeks. This practice teaching is an important part of new teacher’s education.

Students from Acadia University and St. Francis Xavier are currently in classrooms practice teaching. Work-to-rule starts December 5 and will dramatically change the school environment. Baillie is worried about Nova Scotia’s future teachers and the impact this environment will have on this valuable learning time.

“The McNeil Liberals are playing political games with no regard for the far-reaching effects of their actions,” says Baillie. “Not only are today’s classrooms impacted by their incompetence, but the next generation of teachers are also left carrying the burden.”

Baillie has been calling for both sides to get back to the table, but fears Premier McNeil has tainted the process last week when he recorded and uploaded a video about talks breaking down hours before the contract talks actually broke off.

“The Premier has not been bargaining in good faith and his incompetence is putting our entire education system in jeopardy,” says Baillie.

Christmas concerts and extracurricular activities are now being cancelled because of Premier McNeil’s mismanagement and Baillie worries this current climate is unfair to those on practicum.

“Parents and students do not want a strike. Neither do teachers or future teachers,” says Baillie. “The McNeil Liberals must stop these dishonest political games and actually work to avoid further disruption in our classrooms and in teacher education.”

Baillie is calling on Minister Regan to today provide assurances to all education students that their certifications will not be impacted by this situation.