Baillie calls on McNeil for stronger response to Nova Scotians affected by Fort McMurray fires

May 10, 2016 at 9:55 am

Nova Scotians living in Fort McMurray need direct help

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie is calling on the McNeil government to do more to help Nova Scotians affected by the devastating fires in and around Fort McMurray.

“The McNeil government can do more to help Nova Scotians in trouble, beyond a contribution to the Red Cross,” says Baillie. “Let’s show our extended Nova Scotia family the best of Nova Scotian values: caring for our neighbours and helping them get home. Many families are reeling from devastating property losses. They went west for work. We should show them our best now to bring them back home.”

Last week, Baillie called on the premier to proactively offer to send help to fight the fires. Now he is calling for McNeil to marshal government resources to help bring overwhelmed Nova Scotians home, with the necessary supports in place when they get here.

“Charities like the Red Cross and others have been doing tremendous work to help people through the immediate crisis,” says Baillie. “We can do more as a province to help. We are calling on Premier McNeil to implement a real plan, working with the major airlines, moving companies and ground transportation, to help our friends and neighbours come home.”