Baillie to improve mental health services

May 08, 2017 at 8:52 am

Vision: A mental health system that meets the needs of Nova Scotians

A Progressive Conservative government will invest in the province’s broken mental health system to ensure it meets the needs of Nova Scotians.

“Too many Nova Scotians with mental illness are not able to access the services they need,” Baillie said. “Our investments will build a client-centred system that Nova Scotians can count on.”

For almost two years, Jamie Baillie and the PC Caucus have called on the McNeil Liberals to take action to fix the crisis in the mental health system. Before their pre-election budget, the Liberals denied there was a crisis and did nothing to address the obvious problems.

Progressive Conservatives have heard from hundreds of families in crisis, mental health advocates and health professionals who are exhausted and overwhelmed by a system that is broken. Action must be taken and fast.

A Progressive Conservative government will invest $39.7 million in the mental health system by:

  • Providing all students with access to in-school mental health services.

  • Establishing Mental Health Crisis Response Centres to divert people undergoing a mental health crisis from Emergency Rooms to a facility, staffed by trained mental health professionals, to receive appropriate and informed treatment.

  • Expanding mental health courts across the province.

  • Making Nova Scotia a leader in mental health research and innovation.  We will create a Mental Health and Wellness Institute in concert with a Nova Scotia university and attract mental health experts.

  • Creating a $250 direct tax rebate for Nova Scotians who, through a medical diagnosis and treatment plan, rely on a psychiatric service dog.

“With Jamie Baillie’s plan, we have an opportunity to transform mental health services by focusing on the needs of clients, not the needs of the system,” said mental health advocate Laurel Walker. “A client-centred approach will save lives.”