Baillie: More apprentices and a thriving economy go hand-in-hand

September 30, 2013 at 12:25 pm

Liberal-NDP approach doesn’t address the real problems

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says expanding the number of apprentices in Nova Scotia will accomplish nothing without real change to how the economy works, something the McNeil Liberals and Dexter NDP don’t understand.

Baillie says the Progressive Conservatives will double the number of apprentices in Nova Scotia, but also turn the economy around so young men and women can stay and build a life here.

“Increasing the number of apprentices will only create meaningful long-term opportunities if it’s coupled with getting our economy on the right track,” says Baillie. “What both Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter miss is that apprentices need jobs in order to stay in Nova Scotia. That starts with lowering taxes, freezing power rates and stopping wasteful spending.”

Baillie says the McNeil Liberals and the Dexter NDP both have plans that will keep taxes and power rates high, resulting in fewer jobs.

Recent data from Statistics Canada shows that under the Dexter NDP Nova Scotia’s population decreased by nearly 1,000 people in the last quarter. That is the largest population decrease for that time period since 1972.

“Until we get the fundamentals of our economy right, we’re going to keep dividing families and losing our young people to places with more jobs and opportunities,” says Baillie. “Stephen McNeil and Darrell Dexter both want to continue doing things the way we are now, but that will only result in more families waving goodbye to loved ones at the airport.”

Baillie invites Nova Scotians to review his party’s platform, Change that Works, for further details about how a Progressive Conservative government will double the number of apprentices and create up to 20,000 new jobs by lowering taxes, freezing power rates and stopping wasteful spending.

The Progressive Conservative platform can be found online at