Baillie: Non-profits will be protected under PC plan

September 22, 2013 at 4:15 pm

McNeil’s misleading attacks prove he can’t defend his own positions

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Stephen McNeil’s misleading attacks prove he can’t defend his own positions.

Baillie says the Progressive Conservative plan, Change that Works, protects non-profits while attacking wasteful spending in administration and corporate giveaways.

“Stephen McNeil is trying to distract from his own wasteful plans that will result in high taxes, high power rates, more wasteful spending and fewer jobs,” said Baillie. “Non-profits have power bills and their employees pay taxes. Mr. McNeil’s plan condemns them to higher taxes and power bills.”

Baillie says non-profits erroneously funded through the cabinet slush fund will see their funding protected and transferred to the department responsible.

“We will be a strong partner for non-profits,” said Baillie. “To suggest otherwise is blatant fear mongering and voters are smarter than that.”

Baillie says the Progressive Conservatives will also find cost savings by scrapping the gold plated MLA pension plan Stephen McNeil defends.