Baillie PCs announce support for agriculture industry

September 30, 2013 at 10:08 am

SPRINGHILL, NS – A Progressive Conservative government will invest in the agriculture industry to support farmers and help kick start our rural economy, PC Leader Jamie Baillie said Sunday in Kentville.

“The agriculture industry is vital to our rural economy. We will help farmers by investing in important programs that make our economy grow,” said Baillie.

Baillie spent Sunday in the Annapolis Valley with PC candidates John Lohr and Shane Buchan, touring Willowbank Farm U-Pick, Foxhill Cheese House, Hennigar’s Farm Market and Elderkin’s Farm Market.A PC government will:

· Strengthen the Farm Investment Fund by $2 million a year;

· Increase the sale of Nova Scotia products at home and around the world by developing a Food Strategy;

· Restore support to new cultivars of apple trees to increase returns for growers through an investment of $1.6 million;

· Expand agricultural research by getting more researchers out in the field working with farmers;

· Pass a Buy Nova Scotia First Act that would require the Government of Nova Scotia to give preference to produce grown, raised, caught, harvested, produced or manufactured in Nova Scotia;

· Establish a non-refundable tax credit to eligible farmers who donate to Nova Scotia food banks.

John Lohr, the PC candidate for Kings North, has farmed in the Annapolis Valley for 25 years and knows first-hand what the industry needs.

“We need to make changes to the way our province is run, starting at the top,” said Lohr. “The PC plan for agriculture compliments the overall economic plan of creating jobs through lower taxes and frozen power rates.”

Only the Progressive Conservative plan, Change that Works, offers real solutions for rural Nova Scotia’s economy starting with lowering taxes, freezing power rates, stopping wasteful spending and creating jobs.