Baillie PCs will balance budget, stop immoral debt

September 27, 2013 at 10:14 am

Liberal plan saddles children with debt

HALIFAX, NS – A Progressive Conservative government will end the immoral practice of deficit budgets that saddle our children with the cost of today’s services, PC leader Jamie Baillie said today.

Baillie renewed his commitment to balanced budgets at a Halifax pre-school. 

The detailed, costed PC election platform, Change that Works, produces surpluses in each of the next four years that reduces the need to borrow more money for infrastructure investments and ultimately to pay down debt.

The PC leader noted that the provincial debt for 2013 is estimated at over $14 billion. The debt has grown by $1.7 billion since the NDP got elected. The day a child is born in Nova Scotia, he or she is responsible for almost $15,000 of the provincial debt.

“That’s a debt that weighs our kids down, limits their futures and diminishes their opportunities,” Baillie said. “A PC government will make balanced budgets the law again and lighten the load for our children.”

In January 2012, Nova Scotia’s Auditor General said government spending more than it earns and forcing future generations to pay for the cost of past services is not ethical.

Stephen McNeil and the Liberals have no plan to balance the budget.

“All week, I’ve been asking Stephen McNeil to tell our children how long they have to wait for a balanced budget,” Baillie said. “He has no plan. He’s not thinking about how his high tax, high spending policies will affect our young people.”

Baillie said our children and future generations deserve better than a repeat of the last four years of high taxes, high power rates and increased debt.

A PC government will make balanced budgets the law and give today’s families a break with lower taxes, frozen power rates and more jobs. A Baillie government will consider the effects of today’s policies on future generations by passing the Next Generation Act.