Baillie to Premier: Diane MacDonald needs a doctor today

April 20, 2017 at 3:08 pm

“Enough is enough,” says Baillie.

HALIFAX, NS – Yesterday CTV News made Nova Scotians aware of the plight of Reg Andrews and Diane MacDonald, two senior citizens in Halifax. Diane suffered a stroke about a year ago, one week after her long-time doctor retired. Her husband Reg has gone to great lengths to find a replacement, but has been stonewalled at every turn.

When asked about the situation, Premier McNeil told reporters he would “certainly make some inquiries and see what I can find out for him.”
Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says inquiries aren’t good enough. Diane MacDonald needs a doctor today.

“Enough is enough. The lack of family doctors in Nova Scotia has boiled over from a problem to an emergency. Stephen McNeil’s Liberals need to check their arrogance at the door and get to work fast,” said Baillie. “Diane MacDonald deserves a family doctor today – no ifs, ands or buts.”

In the last election campaign, Stephen McNeil promised a doctor for every Nova Scotian. He broke that promise.

Baillie says the Premier’s pre-election spending spree is causing Nova Scotians to question Stephen McNeil’s commitment to attracting new doctors.

“For three years, Stephen McNeil told Nova Scotians they were wrong to expect a quality healthcare system because we can’t afford it,” said Baillie. “Now that we’re on the eve of an election, he has a big fat chequebook to try to bribe voters with their own money. Nova Scotians aren’t buying it.”
Baillie says he expects the Premier to update Diane and Reg on the status of their search for a family doctor today.