Baillie promotes plan for real change

October 03, 2013 at 10:15 am

Liberal plan more of the same

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie has a plan to make Nova Scotia great again. Stephen McNeil is committed to four more years of high taxes, power rate increases and job losses.

“We can make Nova Scotia great again, but not by doing things the same old way or coasting along and hoping things will get better,” Baillie said. “We can have the Nova Scotia we all want, but it requires real change, starting with lower taxes, frozen power rates and more jobs.”

Baillie outlined his plan for a province that welcomes our sons and daughters home to good jobs and where families have a little left over at the end of the month near the Stanfield International Airport.

“Throughout this campaign, voters have heard a lot about how Stephen McNeil plans to spend your money,” Baillie said. “I want to help you keep more of it.”

Baillie said a PC government will give you a break with lower HST and make balanced budgets the law. Stephen McNeil won’t tell voters how long families have to wait for tax relief or how long our children must wait for a balanced budget.

A PC government will make Nova Scotia a tax-free zone for small business. Stephen McNeil says it’s not a priority. The PC plan will freeze power rates in their tracks. Power rates will continue to go up with the Liberal scheme.

“I will scrap the gold-plated MLA pension plan that sees taxpayers fork over six dollars for every dollar an MLA puts in,” Baillie concluded. “Stephen McNeil defends his multi-million pension.”

On October 8, voters will choose between two very different futures for Nova Scotia: The Liberal plan that is easy on government and hard on people, or the Progressive Conservative plan that lets Nova Scotians keep more of their money through lower taxes, frozen power rates and more jobs.