Baillie questions Premier’s hiring practices

September 28, 2016 at 12:25 pm

Senior Delivery Officer job posted for Premier’s Delivery Unit

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the McNeil Liberals need a plan to turn the economy around, not more high priced help.

A new Senior Delivery Officer job in something called the Premier’s Delivery Unit was advertised yesterday. The job pays between $81,401 to $101,761. It’s a one year term that could extend to a permanent job.

“At a time when seniors in nursing homes make due with a $6 a day for food, it is shameful that the Premier has created a personal delivery unit and is staffing it with six figure jobs,” Baillie said.

Baillie is today calling on McNeil to release the full details including scope of work, budget and employees for the Premier’s Delivery Unit.

“Nova Scotians may have believed McNeil when he said he’d put Nova Scotia first, but now they see he has an alarming history of helping friends and insiders get ahead,” says Baillie. “If there’s nothing to hide he shouldn’t mind coming clean with the full details of his special team today.”

Baillie remains concerned this is yet another avenue for the McNeil Liberals to reward their own.

In July, the Premier came under fire for giving Marilla Stephenson a permanent job that she co-wrote the job description for. It was revealed that Stephenson was the only applicant in an internal search that lasted less than a week.

In 2013, the Premier hired failed Liberal candidate Glennie Langille as the province’s Chief Protocol Officer at $85,000 per year. There was no competition for the prestigious job.

“If the taxpayers are carrying the load, they have a right to know the details,” says Baillie. “Tell us today Premier, what are you asking Nova Scotians to pay for now?”