Baillie: Real change only possible when wasteful spending is addressed

September 23, 2013 at 11:38 am

NDP want more of the same, Liberals leave rural Nova Scotians behind

HALIFAX, NS – After defending the bloated bureaucratic and administrative costs in health care for years, Darrell Dexter simply can’t credibly claim to have a plan that puts patients first in health care, says Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie.

Today, the Dexter NDP announced their plan to establish four new nurse-managed clinics, but Baillie says real change won’t be possible in health care until wasteful spending in the system is meaningfully addressed.

“For four years Darrell Dexter told patients and their families they were second to the bureaucrats and administrators at the top of the system,” said Baillie. “All the campaign commitments and empty election time promises in the world won’t make up for four years of neglect under the Dexter NDP.”

Baillie says Progressive Conservative plan, Change that Works, brings real change to the health care system.

A Progressive Conservative government will reduce the number of District Health Authorities from 10 to three, saving $60 million. That money will be redirected to front line health care services, like more nurses and doctors.

Baillie says the Liberal health care plan will ignore the needs of rural Nova Scotians by eliminating the voice of rural Nova Scotia in health care decision making.

“The Dexter NDP refused to get serious about tackling the size of health care administration and the Liberal plan will leave rural Nova Scotians behind by putting all decision making in Halifax,” said Baillie. “Only the Progressive Conservative Party has a plan to improve front line health services for all Nova Scotians.”

Baillie invites Nova Scotians interested in the Progressive Conservative health care plan to read the party’s platform, Change that Works, at