Baillie renews call for impartial mediation

January 15, 2017 at 5:10 pm

Premier McNeil needs to show parents and students that he is putting them first

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotians are very frustrated today to hear that talks between the McNeil government and the NSTU have broken off again says Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie.

Baillie is calling on Premier McNeil to take the next step.

“Premier McNeil must direct his Minister of Labour to intervene immediately and appoint an impartial mediator,” says Baillie. “This action would be in the best interest of all involved, particularly parents and students.”

Baillie has called for mediation in the past, prior to work-to-rule but the McNeil government rejected it out of hand.

“The negotiating environment has become so poisoned that a negotiated solution remains elusive. Students and their families are being left behind,” says Baillie. “It is clear now that outside help is needed to bring this impasse to a resolution.”