Baillie says no to carbon pricing

September 21, 2016 at 5:03 pm

McNeil must stand up for Nova Scotia against Ottawa

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Nova Scotians cannot afford carbon pricing no matter what form it takes.

“A tax is a tax is a tax,” he says. “Nova Scotians simply cannot afford to pay any more. That includes the kind of carbon pricing schemes coming from the Ottawa Liberals.”

Baillie says he is worried about the Prime Minister’s approach to carbon pricing and is calling on Premier Stephen McNeil to just say no.

“Stephen McNeil doesn’t have a good track record of standing up to Justin Trudeau. We cannot afford for Mr. McNeil to get this wrong,” says Baillie. “Let me be clear, Nova Scotians are not paying one more red cent in taxes. This must be our message to Ottawa.”

Just recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said all premiers have agreed that carbon pricing is the way forward.

“All Premiers have agreed [that] we need to have a price on carbon,” the Prime Minster said. “We’re going to move forward.”

“What form that takes, whether it’s a carbon tax, whether it’s a cap and trade, whether it’s the regulations. There are all sorts of interesting and important discussions to be had in very different jurisdictions across the country,” he added.

Baillie says the Premier must be clear there will be no back doors for Nova Scotians to pay more.