Baillie standing up for seniors in care

May 09, 2017 at 8:43 am

PC Vision: Dignity and respect for our seniors. Reversing McNeil’s cuts to long-term care.

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie announced today that a PC government will immediately restore the funding to long-term care for seniors that was carelessly slashed by the McNeil Liberals.

“All Nova Scotians have been deeply troubled by the shameful cuts Stephen McNeil made to seniors’ facilities.  He has shown time and again that he can’t be trusted to manage homes for our parents and our grandparents in long-term care,” said Baillie.  “When the going gets tough, Stephen McNeil’s first and only plan is to slash and cut.”

A PC government will invest $8.2 million each year in long-term care facilities, restoring cuts imposed by the Liberals.  These cuts have devastated daily quality of life for residents in senior care.

At facilities like Northwood Manor in Halifax, staff have to feed residents on $5 a day.  Fresh produce and healthy, nutritious meals are scarce. Layoffs are common and remaining staff are overworked, putting patients at risk and reducing community outings.

Della Boyle is on the executive of the Continuing Care Association of Nova Scotia, an organization representing continuing care providers in the province.  They are concerned that cuts are diminishing the ability of providers to ensure quality care.

“Over the past two years, we have had to deal with funding cuts that have put a great deal of strain on our facilities,” said Boyle.  “We do our best to deliver the best care we can, but these cuts have put us between a rock and hard place. We think our residents deserve more.”

“Forcing seniors and their caretakers to do more with less is simply wrong,” said Baillie.  “Stephen McNeil denied that food quality has worsened.  His Health Minister insisted there is ‘absolutely no difference’ in the meals since the budget was slashed.  Nova Scotians are in disbelief at these denials.  The seniors that built our province deserve dignity and respect.  Stephen McNeil didn’t do the right thing.  A PC government will.”