Baillie takes action with job-creating infrastructure program

May 01, 2017 at 9:43 am

PC Vision: Putting Nova Scotians to work rebuilding the province’s infrastructure

Today, Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie unveiled the centerpiece of his new action plan to improve Nova Scotia’s infrastructure and create thousands of jobs, the Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund.

“For too many years, improvements to important infrastructure have been postponed or delayed. Our crumbling roads and rundown hospitals are the result,” Baillie said. “The PC Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund is the cornerstone of our positive vision for the future. We will invest in critical infrastructure now and create much needed good jobs.”

The Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund will grow the economy and create jobs by investing $2 billion on roads, bridges and other public infrastructure. These important investments will be made while anchoring the province’s debt-to-GDP ratio at its current level. The Progressive Conservatives will continue to balance the provincial budget.

“The McNeil government spent four years telling Nova Scotians that crumbling infrastructure, fewer jobs and dwindling services were all they could hope for,” Baillie said. “With the Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund, Nova Scotians will see that our province can be stronger and better than the visionless McNeil Liberals want us to believe.”

Jamie Baillie’s priorities for the new Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund include:

· Twinning Nova Scotia’s most dangerous highways
· High speed internet in rural Nova Scotia
· New Victoria General Hospital
· Doubling the Department of Transportation’s Rural Impact Mitigation (RIM) budget
· Creating the Environmental Reclamation and Community Enhancement Fund

Thousands of jobs will be created through the Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund.

A Progressive Conservative government will invest in these priorities by matching $1 billion of provincial funding with an additional, $1 billion federal contribution.

“By making these important investments now, Nova Scotia and Nova Scotians will be prepared to take advantage of the many opportunities of the 21st century,” Baillie explained. “The Rebuild Nova Scotia fund is a crucial investment in a more prosperous future.”