Baillie to Dexter: Nova Scotians deserve the truth

September 13, 2013 at 11:53 am

Baillie calls on NDP to release when and for whom secret policy was used

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says revelations the Dexter NDP did an end-run around the public by changing the rules about how the cabinet controlled secret slush fund operates proves they can’t be trusted and real change is needed.

“The Dexter NDP has proven to be completely reckless with taxpayers’ money,” said Baillie. “Their obsession with providing big taxpayer funded handouts in secret and with no strings attached has been crippling our economy and it must come to an end.”

Baillie also called on the Dexter NDP to release when and for whom this secret policy was used.

“The people of Nova Scotia are about to pass judgment on their political leaders and make an important decision about who they trust with their money,” he said. “Darrell Dexter owes taxpayers nothing less than the whole truth.”

Baillie says the Progressive Conservative plan, Change the Works, will get rid of the cabinet controlled slush fund and save taxpayers almost one hundred million dollars per year.

“A new Progressive Conservative government will create jobs the honest way – by lowering taxes, freezing power rates and putting an end to this kind of wasteful spending once and for all,” said Baillie. “And, we’re going to do it all in the full light of day.”