Baillie pledges to eliminate corporate bailouts, introduces new earned tax relief for job creators

February 04, 2017 at 12:02 am

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says a PC government will eliminate the payroll rebates and corporate bailouts that continue to thrive under the McNeil government. He will replace handouts with earned tax relief for job creators in Nova Scotia.

Baillie told the crowd at the Party’s Annual General Meeting in Halifax that it’s time for government to finally stop arbitrarily picking winners and losers. He said job creation will be the top priority of the next PC government.

“Those are the old ways of doing business. We will invest in new ways,” said Baillie. “We will provide new tax relief to businesses who believe in our province and invest in new job creation here.”

Stephen McNeil’s government has announced over $100 million in payroll rebates since being elected.

Baillie says his goal is to make Nova Scotia the best place in Canada to invest and create jobs.

“More jobs means better healthcare. More jobs means better schools. More jobs means better roads,” he said. “Stephen McNeil will say it can’t be done. It’s because he’s so uncertain about what to do that he just keeps lurching from crisis to crisis.”

Baillie also took the opportunity to highlight the Progressive Conservative team and candidates.

“I must say, with great pride, we are the Party with the best team of candidates. We are ready to win,” says Baillie. “We will win because we believe in Nova Scotia. We will win by calling on our neighbours and friends to believe in Nova Scotia, as well.”

The Party’s Annual meeting runs until Sunday afternoon.