Baillie to McNeil: Release hydraulic fracturing regulations

May 12, 2016 at 4:49 pm

FOIPOP: Consultation on draft regs abandoned last summer

HALIFAX, NS – Plans to consult Nova Scotians about draft regulations on hydraulic fracturing last summer were abandoned by the McNeil government, a freedom of information request shows.

“Premier McNeil is dragging his feet on developing Nova Scotia’s natural resources and creating jobs,” says Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie. “People are looking for work. The natural gas industry has big potential. It would bring new jobs and investment to our towns and communities. We have a duty to develop our resources responsibly and work towards making Nova Scotia self-sufficient.”

Documents obtained by a freedom of information request show the government planned to release draft regulations for public comment last summer. The regulations would have defined high-volume hydraulic fracturing and “outline the parameters for testing and research” of Nova Scotia’s natural gas resource potential.

A redacted presentation shows the definitions were presented to the Minister of Energy. Despite this, there has been no announcement on the release of the definitions or how to move the industry forward.

“The Liberals banned this new way of creating jobs without any plan to move forward. Creating a secure and reliable source of natural gas is good for Nova Scotia,” says Baillie. “The Premier should release a plan, following the recommendations in the Wheeler report, to safely develop the onshore natural gas industry.”