Baillie to McNeil: tell Nova Scotians where you stand

September 24, 2013 at 10:14 am

HALIFAX, NS – Today Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie challenged Stephen McNeil to come clean on the issues that matter to Nova Scotians.

“Today I challenge Mr. McNeil to tell families how long they have to wait for tax relief. Tell our children how long they have to wait for a balanced budget. Tell taxpayers how long they will have to pay for rich MLA pensions that they could never dream of themselves,” Baillie said. “Someone running for Premier should know these things.”

Baillie outlined the contrast between the high tax, high spend Liberal agenda and the PC plan to lower taxes, freeze power rates, stop wasteful spending and create more jobs at PC campaign headquarters.

“Stephen McNeil has spent the entire campaign telling you how he plans to spend your money. He thinks he knows how to spend it better than you do.” Baillie said. “I don’t want to spend your money for you. I want to help you keep more of it and help you get ahead.”

Baillie pointed out that McNeil used to promise to end the tax on tax on gasoline and to get rid of bracket creep. Those tax breaks are absent from the Liberal platform. McNeil has no timeline to balance the budget and is content to continue mortgaging our children’s future.

The Liberal leader used to say he would lower power bills. Now he says he won’t.

A few days ago, in an attempt to scare voters, Stephen McNeil said Nova Scotia would be very different under a Progressive Conservative government. He is right.

A PC government will lower the HST and give Nova Scotians a break at the gas pumps and on their income tax. McNeil won’t commit to tax relief.

A PC government will freeze power rates for five years. The Liberal power rate scheme has raised rates in other places.

Baillie will scrap the gold-plated MLA pension and establish a citizens panel to set MLA pay and benefits.

On October 8, Nova Scotians will choose between two very different visions for Nova Scotia.

“Voters know where I stand on the important issues,” Baillie said. “They can’t say that about Stephen McNeil.”

The PC plan, Change that Works, is fully costed and offers lower taxes, frozen power rates and more jobs.