Baillie to McNeil: Where’s the plan?

October 03, 2013 at 11:01 am

HALIFAX, NS – Stephen McNeil confirmed again today he has no plan to provide tax relief for Nova Scotia families and no plan for a balanced budget.

This morning Stephen McNeil was asked when he would lower the HST. He said “once we’re back to balance.”

The Liberal leader was then asked whether he would balance the budget in his first year in office. He said “no, in our first mandate.”

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says McNeil’s evasive non-answers aren’t good enough and prove he does not know how to manage the economy or make life more affordable for families.

“All we learned about Stephen McNeil today was that he plans to keep taxes high and pile more debt onto the backs of our children and grandchildren,” said Baillie. “Stephen McNeil is coasting along asking Nova Scotians for a blank cheque so he can pay for his expensive NDP-like plans, but he wants the next generation to foot the bill.”

Baillie says it’s irresponsible for a candidate for premier to not provide Nova Scotians with a real plan for the province’s finances.

“Stephen McNeil is asking Nova Scotians to trust him, but how can they when he leaves so many important questions unanswered,” said Baillie. “Either Stephen McNeil is hiding the truth about his costly agenda or he simply doesn’t have a plan to govern.”

Baillie says the fully-costed PC plan, Change that Works, really contains one promise – to turn our economy around. It then spells out the PC plan to lower taxes and freeze power rates so more jobs are created here at home.

Baillie encourages Nova Scotians to review his plan for change at