Baillie to table resolution condemning federal tax grab

September 25, 2017 at 1:09 pm

The McNeil Liberals will be asked to support Baillie’s resolution condemning the federal tax grab.

Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie is calling on the McNeil government to publicly oppose the Ottawa Liberals’ proposed federal tax grab.

Baillie will table a resolution in the Legislature tonight asking all members to take a stand and condemn these changes.

“The Premier must publicly oppose the Trudeau Liberals’ tax grab and fight to protect Nova Scotia’s economy and healthcare system,” says Baillie. “No more closed door meetings or secret positions about the tax grab. The Premier must finally stand up and say whether or not he supports the Ottawa Liberals’ proposed changes.”

Hundreds of doctors packed the Halifax West High School on Saturday to voice their concerns and warn politicians about the devastating impacts this tax grab will have on our already fragile healthcare system.

The situation is worse in Nova Scotia than other provinces because Nova Scotians have among the lowest wages in the country, a high cost of living and pay some of the highest taxes.

Baillie says all Members must join forces to defend our farmers, entrepreneurs, family business owners and doctors from this targeted attack by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

“Nova Scotia already has a widespread doctor shortage and a flatlined economy, and that’s before the Prime Minister started attacking small businesses,” says Baillie. “It’s not good enough for the Premier to say he’s concerned. Premier McNeil must call out the Ottawa Liberals and actively defend Nova Scotians against this attack.”

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