Baillie unveils Progressive Conservative platform

May 11, 2017 at 10:14 am

Vision: A more prosperous and confident Province. Accountable government.

HALIFAX, NS – Today, Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie shared his vision for a stronger Nova Scotia and his action plan to get there with the unveiling of the PC election platform.

“I’m proud to release our vision for a more prosperous and confident Nova Scotia,” Baillie said. “It’s not focused on cuts or the next election. The Progressive Conservative platform is an optimistic, pro-growth plan focused on job creation and long-lasting prosperity for Nova Scotians.”

The PC Plan takes concrete action to put Nova Scotians to work:

  • The Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund will create thousands of jobs and rebuild Nova Scotia’s crumbling infrastructure;

  • Earned Tax Relief will make Nova Scotia the most attractive place for businesses to grow and create jobs;

  • Increasing the Small Business tax threshold from $350,000 to $500,000 means more businesses will pay less tax. That frees up money to grow and create jobs;

  • A refundable Film Tax Credit will tell filmmakers Nova Scotia is open for business again; and

  • Sustainable resource development will give young people good jobs here at home.

“The days of government telling taxpayers that we can’t afford services like doctors, good roads and modern infrastructure will be over,” said Baillie. “That’s my vision for Nova Scotia.”

Baillie says he understands the fear and frustration of the thousands of Nova Scotians who don’t have a doctor. A PC government will make sure the health system is there when Nova Scotians need it by:

  • Recruiting more doctors and other medical professionals to underserviced areas;

  • Ensuring every student gets mental health care in every school; and

  • Covering the cost of oral cancer drugs.

A Baillie government will stop reaching into the pockets of taxpayers and start reducing the cost of living, giving everyone who makes $75,000 or less a tax break.

The PC platform contains measures to ensure:

  • Seniors never pay more than their share by freezing the Seniors Pharmacare cost-share ratio;

  • Our environment is protected by updating the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act for the next 30 years;

  • Politics are taken out of the school review process once and for all; and

  • Survivors of sexual assault have confidence in our justice system.

“Finally, my vision of Nova Scotia includes a premier that people can count on, a premier who stands up for our province in Ottawa, a premier who is accountable for his decisions and a premier with the vision and action plan to get things done,” Baillie concluded. “I will be a premier that Nova Scotians can trust.”

Click here to view the PC Platform.