Baillie welcomes River Hebert school announcement

September 12, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Warns government to get it done

RIVER HEBERT, NS – Cumberland South Progressive Conservative candidate and leader Jamie Baillie welcomes today’s announcement that the province will take over construction of the River Hebert School.

“This development is long overdue and I’m very pleased to see it moving forward,” says Baillie. “The people of River Hebert have been frustrated by the long delay in getting this work underway.”

Baillie delivered the news to River Hebert District High School Principal Vernon Taylor this afternoon.  

River Hebert District High School has been slated for major upgrades for over three years and students there have been waiting patiently for the project to finally get underway.

Baillie urges the department to get on with the work, saying all children in our province deserve a good school and education, regardless of where they live. 

Completion of the River Hebert school project has been a top priority of Baillie for over a year. As the MLA for Cumberland South, Baillie was an outspoken advocate for the school. He presented a 1,000-name petition in the Legislature and introduced a resolution demanding the government complete the school and asking for permission to debate the issue.

In addition to the many meetings, letters and phone calls he has had with school board and government officials, Baillie also demanded action on the school when he spoke in reply to the Speech from the Throne.

“The residents of River Hebert want the tenders to be issued as soon as possible,” Baillie concluded. “On behalf of those residents, I’m warning the government to get on with the job.”

Baillie notes that the NDP want to consider the new HUB school concept to further improve the school. Hub schools are one part of the PC Party Change that Works platform that will improve education in places like River Hebert.