Baillie will axe the tax-on-tax on gasoline, diesel

September 17, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Ending the tax-on-tax and cutting the HST: a one-two punch against high costs

HALIFAX, NS – In Nova Scotia, 25.5 cents of taxes are built into each litre of gasoline. The HST is charged on top of that. This is a tax on top of tax.

Today, PC leader Jamie Baillie announced that a Progressive Conservative government will cut the 10 per cent provincial portion of HST on the 25.5 cents of gas taxes per litre.

This change will save consumers 2.55 cents per litre under the current HST.

Baillie made the announcement today at Wilsons Gas Stop in Truro. A litre of regular gas was selling for $1.33.4.

“Gasoline is a necessity, but the NDP government is treating gasoline as a tax grab by double dipping,” said Baillie. “Nova Scotians need real tax relief to help make ends meet. Cutting the tax-on-tax on gas is another step toward that goal.”

Baillie said the Progressive Conservative Party is committed to lowering costs for Nova Scotians and growing the economy.

In opposition, the NDP called tax-on-tax “sneaky” and “immoral.” But when they had a chance to change it, they didn’t.

“Ending tax-on-tax on gas, rolling back the NDP’s HST hike and freezing power rates all help the bottom line for Nova Scotia families,” Baillie added.

Nova Scotians buy approximately 1.1 billion litres of gasoline per year.

The fully accounted Progressive Conservative platform includes this tax cut in its costing and noted it will benefit consumers by $25.2 million in the first year and $22.4 million in years two, three and four.