Baillie will put vocational training back in schools

August 03, 2016 at 10:10 am

Next PC government will kick-start process within 100 days of taking office


HALIFAX, NS – Within 100 days of taking office, the next Progressive Conservative government will begin a consultation process with students, parents, teachers, industry, labour and community colleges to put vocational training back in Nova Scotia’s public schools.

Leader Jamie Baillie made the announcement today, flanked by tradespeople and fellow Progressive Conservative candidates at Ace Machining, in Dartmouth.

“We recognize the value of vocational training. We believe that by doing more to offer students credits or apprentice hours upon completion of their studies, we will better prepare a new generation of workers and empower young people with the dignity that comes from a hard day’s work,” said Baillie at the announcement. “I want to lead a government that opens doors that, for too many young people, are locked today.”

Baillie says the announcement is the first plank of the Progressive Conservative Party’s long-term plan to fix the Nova Scotia economy, so we can pay for the healthcare and other services we need.

Baillie says a renewed focus on vocational training in schools is key to making sure our local economy is ready to support other PC commitments like rebuilding the film industry, achieving the Ivany goals and growing our natural resource industries.

Even more important, the Progressive Conservative leader says, is making sure young Nova Scotians see real options for their future that will allow them to build lives here at home.

“Today’s announcement is about more than meeting the labour needs of the economy we want to build,” said Baillie. “This is about how we can help aspiring builders, innovators and planners make the most of their God-given talents here in Nova Scotia.”

In the coming weeks and months, the Progressive Conservatives will continue to talk about the long-term economic turnaround plan the party will be offering Nova Scotians in the next provincial election.