Baillie wins PC nomination in Cumberland South

October 03, 2013 at 2:47 pm

HALIFAX, NS – Jamie Baillie will be the Progressive Conservative candidate in Cumberland South in the upcoming provincial election.

Baillie, the current MLA for Cumberland South and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia, was officially nominated at an event in Springhill tonight.

“Representing the people of Cumberland South is a privilege and a great honour for me,” Baillie told the crowd that included the new team of PC candidates and other visitors from across the province. “I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue this incredible journey with you. I’m ready for the election now.”

Doug Marshall, President of the Cumberland South PC Association, is excited about Baillie’s nomination and said he will continue to do a great job representing the people in our community.

“Jamie Baillie is a great MLA and I know he will make a great Premier of Nova Scotia,” said Marshall. “Jamie’s experience as a chartered accountant and business leader is what our province needs. He is the only one of the leaders I trust to manage our economy, to create jobs and to get Nova Scotia back on track.”

Baillie said that in 2009, Nova Scotians voted for change but what they got was an NDP Premier who broke his election promises and made life less affordable for families.

“Our PC plan is much different than the NDP and Liberals. Our plan is to stop wasteful spending and use that money to lower taxes for everyone,” said Baillie. “The Liberals and the NDP will keep making expensive spending promises and taking more money from families to pay for it. That’s not how you build a modern economy.”

In 2009, the Liberals election platform promised to spend an extra $530 million but did not include any plan to pay for it. In the same election, the NDP promised not to raise taxes and to balance the budget in the first year, but once elected did just the opposite.

Some highlights from Baillie’s plan include:

· Truly balancing the budget and lowering the HST for families
· Cutting red tape and freezing power rates
· Stopping wasteful spending and investing in our kids and schools

A PC government will create the conditions for entrepreneurs to create jobs and build a modern, sustainable economy in Nova Scotia.