Baillie’s plan for more jobs

September 16, 2013 at 10:03 am

Lower taxes, freeze power rates, stop wasteful spending

HAMMONDS PLAINS, NS – The Progressive Conservative plan to cut taxes, stop wasteful spending and freeze power rates will jump-start Nova Scotia’s economy and create up to 20,000 jobs, PC leader Jamie Baillie said today.

Baillie unveiled his jobs plan at Kynock Resources in Hammonds Plains.

“Since the NDP was elected, jobs disappeared and people have given up hope of building a good life in Nova Scotia,” Baillie said. “Only the PC plan will turn Nova Scotia’s economy around and get people back to work.”

Since the NDP was elected, the number of full-time jobs in Nova Scotia has decreased by 2,700. Baillie says the NDP government not only failed to create jobs, but its high cost policies helped drive 7,500 Nova Scotians to other provinces over the past four years.

“The last couple of years have been tough,” said Vernon Kynock, owner of Kynock Resources. “Lower taxes and power rates would go a long way to getting us back where we want to be.”

The PC jobs plan will make Nova Scotia a tax-free zone for small businesses and put about $150 million into the hands of job creators over four years. The PC HST cut puts about $1.3 billion back into the economy over the same period.   “Our plan to cut the HST will put real money in the wallets of hard working people,” Baillie said. “That adds up to millions they can spend at local businesses.”

The Progressive Conservative five-year power rate freeze means real savings for Nova Scotians and business owners. The rate freeze will free up over $200 million for business owners to expand and hire more people.

A PC government will double the number of apprentices, cut job-stifling red tape and scrap job-killing labour laws like First Contract Arbitration.

The NDP record on job creation is dismal. The Liberals won’t commit to lower taxes and their electricity scheme will raise power rates.

“Only the Progressive Conservative plan will give the economy the shot in the arm it needs to create jobs,” Baillie concluded. “With lower taxes and frozen power rates, we will bring change that creates real jobs.”