Baillie’s plan will get Nova Scotians working

October 04, 2013 at 9:52 am

McNeil Liberals will continue job killing policies of the NDP

DARTMOUTH, NS – Today, Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie highlighted the PC plan to get Nova Scotians working.

“The PC Party is really making only one promise: to turn our economy around,” Baillie said. “Our platform, Change that Works, spells out exactly how we will do that – by lowering taxes, freezing power rates and creating real jobs.”

The PC Plan will create thousands of jobs by:

• Cutting the HST

• Freezing power rates

• Creating a tax-free zone for small business

• Making Nova Scotia open for business by scrapping job killing labour laws like First Contract Arbitration

Baillie said too many Nova Scotians have been force to find work in Fort McMurray. High tax, high spend policies have helped drive 7,500 Nova Scotians out of the province in the past four years.

“That commute divides families and wastes one of Nova Scotia’s best resources – hard working, highly skilled people,” Baillie said. “We are losing Nova Scotians to another province where taxes are lower, power is cheaper and there are more jobs.”

The McNeil Liberals will continue the job killing policies of the NDP including the highest taxes in Canada, skyrocketing power rates, job killing labour laws and bogging down our job creators with red tape.

“Nova Scotians have a clear choice on October 8th,” added Baillie. “They can vote for four more years of NDP-like policies or real change from the PCs that gets our economy going.”