Bain calls for action for overwhelmed Baddeck hospital

June 28, 2019 at 10:21 am

Victoria-The Lakes MLA Keith Bain says Emergency Room closures at the height of tourist season are another symptom of the growing healthcare crisis in Victoria County.

Media reported that the Baddeck Emergency Room is struggling to keep up with the influx of patients from Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Yesterday, the NSHA announced Glace Bay ER will be closed for the month of July and the ER in Baddeck will be closed 68 hours until Sunday.

“Where are patients supposed to turn? In an emergency situation, people are seeking assistance immediately, they don’t need the added stress of finding an open ER,” says Bain. “The Premier and Health Minister Randy Delorey need to come up with an immediate solution because this isn’t sustainable.”

Bain says with the summer season upon us, his concerns turn to the anticipated increase in population.

“Our population is about to double with tourists and cottagers and they might not know to call ahead to see if the Emergency Room is open,” says Bain.

The Liberal government is putting our healthcare professionals and residents in jeopardy says Bain.

“ERs in CBRM have been at a breaking point for quite some time. It is no surprise that there is a domino effect,” says Bain. “The Liberals have allowed one too many hospitals to fester out of control in Cape Breton. I am asking them to do the right thing and help create a solution before Baddeck is another statistic.”