Bain reaffirms Tory commitment to public inquiry

September 17, 2013 at 11:13 am

Answers needed on what happened at troubled home

BADDECK, NS – Victoria-The Lakes Progressive Conservative candidate and Community Services critic Keith Bain says his party remains committed to an independent inquiry into what happened at the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children.

In November 2012, Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie called for a full public inquiry, but so far the Dexter NDP has only taken baby steps.

“There are families who still need healing and closure and that’s going to continue until we have a full, independent public inquiry,” said Bain. “The Progressive Conservative party remains committed to helping those families get the answers they deserve so this can never happen again.”

For months the Dexter NDP refused to call an inquiry into events at the home, saying they were waiting for the criminal and civil actions to be complete. The class-action suit was reportedly settled in February.

“The Dexter NDP dragged their feet for long enough,” said Bain. “The families affected deserve nothing less than a full, open, transparent public inquiry – and they deserve it now.”