Brad Johns introduces bill to keep Sackville Landfill closed

October 11, 2019 at 7:42 pm

Sackville-Beaver Bank MLA  Brad Johns today introduced legislation that would ensure the Sackville Landfill remains closed.

“Many residents of Sackville and Lucasville area have been worried that the landfill could someday reopen,” said Johns. “If the McNeil Liberals pass our bill, we can put those ideas to rest.”

The new bill, entitled the Sackville Landfill Closure Act, ensures the permanent closure of the Sackville Landfill and prohibits the transfer of any form of waste to the former Highway 101 Landfill, including to the Leachate Treatment Plant located there.

“Keeping this landfill closed is the right thing to do for residents of Middle – Upper Sackville and Lucasville. This bill would provide those residents peace of mind and would give confidence to Sackville residents that the landfill will never be reopened,” said Johns.

The Sackville Landfill site was closed by the former Metropolitan Authority in 1996 due to its environmental damages. This closure was an administrative decision by HRM and could be reopened at city council’s discretion and with provincial consent. This new bill would ensure that the landfill’s closure is permanent.