Brendan Maguire evades critics, won’t debate issues facing Halifax Atlantic

May 25, 2017 at 11:55 am

Progressive Conservative candidate Bruce Holland demands to know why Liberal candidate Brendan Maguire refuses to publicly debate the issues facing Halifax Atlantic.

“An all-candidates debate is a great forum for Halifax Atlantic voters to hear where candidates stand on the critical issues of healthcare and education,” says Holland. “Unfortunately, Brendan Maguire says he doesn’t have time to face voters and explain his record with the McNeil Liberals.”

Families in Halifax Atlantic are reeling from Liberal cuts and mismanagement. Holland wonders if it’s Maguire’s support for Stephen McNeil’s damaging cuts that’s keeping him from the debate.

“The issues I’m hearing on the doorsteps from Halifax Atlantic voters are urgent. Families are worried. Maguire and the McNeil Liberals have broken their promise of a doctor for every Nova Scotian. They’ve shattered trust with teachers and healthcare professionals,” says Holland. “The Liberals fled after passing Bill 75. They refused to debate their budget. Now Brendan Maguire is refusing to face voters to explain himself. He’d rather hide than take responsibility for his record.”

Holland says he’ll be proud to debate other Halifax Atlantic candidates and highlight Jamie Baillie’s PC plan to fix the healthcare system and make meaningful investments in education.

“A PC government will invest to ease the doctor shortage. We’re going to improve mental health services and take concrete steps to address the crisis in healthcare,” says Holland. “We’ll repeal the unconstitutional Bill 75 that imposed a contract on teachers. Jamie Baillie and the PC party are listening to Nova Scotians and working for a better province. The only thing Brendan Maguire seems interested in is more damage control for Stephen McNeil.”