Bring Back CCA Bursary: Adams

May 17, 2019 at 10:59 am

Barbara Adams

Progressive Conservative MLA Barbara Adams has renewed her call for a refreshed Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Bursary program in Nova Scotia.

“CCAs are competent and compassionate professionals who improve the lives of the people they care for,” Adams said. “I believe that increasing the number of CCAs in Nova Scotia through a bursary program is an important component to improving our broken healthcare system.”

In 2011, recruitment bursaries of 70 per cent of the cost of tuition, or a maximum of $4,000, was available to new recruits. The bursary program no longer exists.

The Minister’s Expert Advisory Panel on Long Term Care Report, released in January, called for the CCA bursary program to return between February and July 2019 in order to support CCA recruitment. The report proposed financial support of students in CCA training programs in return for a commitment to work in a long-term care setting for a specified period of time.

“We are in a healthcare crisis,” Adams explained.  “This is the time we should be breaking down the barriers that prevent Nova Scotians from entering the healthcare professions. I am asking Health Minister Randy Delorey to restore the CCA bursary program immediately to improve conditions for staff and residents in long term care.”

Adams, MLA for Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage has advocated for a return of the CCA bursary program for about 18 months.