Bringing down the cost of living

VISION: A Jamie Baillie government will bring down the cost of living.

A Progressive Conservative government will give families some much
needed relief:

  • • We will cut taxes to get the cost of living down for thousands of Nova Scotians,
    starting with the Nova Scotians who need it the most.
  • • We will make life more affordable by raising the Basic Personal Amount by up
    to $3,000 for people with incomes below $75,000. This one move will cut taxes
    for 500,000 Nova Scotians.
  • • We will freeze the Seniors’ Pharmacare cost-share ratio so governments can’t
    make seniors pay more than their fair share.
  • • Under a Progressive Conservative government, there will be no tolls on our roads
    and highways.
  • • Nova Scotians already pay too many taxes. A Progressive Conservative government
    will not impose a carbon tax.