Bruce Holland to carry PC banner in Halifax Atlantic

April 20, 2017 at 9:09 am

Baillie says Tories will rely on Holland’s blend of public and private sector experience

HALIFAX, NS – Spryfield Business Commission Executive Director and Parkview News Publisher and Founder Bruce Holland will be the Progressive Conservative candidate for Halifax Atlantic in the upcoming provincial election.

Holland, a former MLA and cabinet minister, brings a blend of public and private sector experience to the table.

“I want to represent Halifax Atlantic because our community deserves better than Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government,” says Holland. “We need an MLA who stands up for what matters to the people of Halifax Atlantic and doesn’t just toe Stephen McNeil’s party line.”

Holland says people in Halifax Atlantic are frustrated about how the Liberal government has handled many issues, but one that comes up frequently is the recent mismanagement of the teachers’ contract.

“This was a clear failure on government’s part. Nova Scotians voted for the Liberals expecting better classrooms, but instead got chaos,” says Holland. “Had Liberal MLAs stood up to Stephen McNeil, the outcome could have been a lot different.”

Holland says government needs to grow the economy so we can make new investment in important areas like health, infrastructure and education.

Holland says Halifax Atlantic residents can trust Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie.

“Jamie Baillie is the only leader with a clear vision for Nova Scotia,” says Holland. “He has an action-oriented pro-growth plan that Nova Scotians can count on.”

Baillie says that Holland has the energy, work ethic and the passion that Halifax Atlantic needs in an MLA.
“With Bruce’s experience in government, the private sector and in working with communities, the people of Halifax Atlantic will be well represented,” says Baillie. “He will play a big role in the next Progressive Conservative government.”