BUDGET 2017: McNeil didn’t get the message

September 26, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Doctor shortage gets lip service again; budget proves Stephen McNeil didn’t get the message from voters on crisis in healthcare.

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says today’s budget proves Stephen McNeil did not get the message from voters on the crisis in our healthcare system.

Baillie says there is not one cent of new money for primary healthcare, including family doctor services.

“People told us loud and clear that healthcare was their number one concern,” says Baillie. “Today, Premier McNeil’s only answer for them is that there may be a handful of new doctors at some point in the future. Meanwhile the crisis gets worse by the day.”

Baillie points out this problem will only get worse unless Premier McNeil condemns the Ottawa Liberals’ proposed tax grab on doctors and small businesses.

“Hundreds more doctors are threatening to leave because of the Ottawa Liberals’ attack on their profession,” says Baillie. “The problem is about to get worse and Stephen McNeil must stand up to Ottawa and defend Nova Scotians.”

Overall, Baillie is disappointed the budget did not do more to help with the high cost of living in Nova Scotia. Despite the announced tax reduction, the budget fails to account for the upcoming cost of living increases related to the new cap and trade system.

“The budget may look balanced on paper but with the highest taxes in the country, record debt levels, and a massive doctor shortage, it’s not an accomplishment,” concluded Baillie.