Laurie MacIntosh
Constituency : Sydney-Whitney Pier

Laurie Mullins-MacIntosh was born and raised in Whitney Pier. Her formative years were spent here for school and community activities. Her mother Eleanor still resides in the family home and her two brothers, Bill and Robbie and their wives live in the constituency as well. Laurie’s ties to Sydney and Whitney Pier are strong. After attending Université Sainte-Anne, St. Francis Xavier University and studies in France, Laurie returned to her home in Whitney Pier and began her teaching career. She worked as an educator for thirty-four years as teacher, French Language Department Head, and finally as French Second Language Consultant. She is a passionate advocate for education with a special love for all cultures, especially French. Laurie worked tirelessly in advocating for the Late French Immersion program to be set up at Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High School.  As French Second Language Consultant for the Cape Breton- Victoria Regional School Board, she was the key person involved in establishing in the regions schools Grade Six Intensive Core French, instituting the program at Harbourside Elementary School in 2004. 

Laurie views education, especially quality public education, as key to improving the lives of youth. Her commitment in this area throughout the school district speaks for itself and is apparent in the improvements she facilitated in Sydney- Whitney Pier. Her education and career success illustrates the value of such an educational path and it inspired her to give back to her community through education. She is especially proud of the achievements and personal connections she has made and believes that nurturing community connections and establishing rapport within the constituency is the best practice for identifying concerns for effective advocacy at the government level.

A practitioner of the oft used phrase “life-long learner”, Laurie returned to University and earned a Masters Degree from Université Saint-Anne ( Maîtrise en education-Enseignement du français langue seconde) in 2007, and a Masters Degree from Acadia University (Leadership and School Development) in 2008. These both attained while raising children and connected to school and community.

Laurie is married to Ron MacIntosh, also an educator. They have two children in university (Ranee, age 22 and Connor, age 20).  Laurie has recently retired from the Cape Breton- Victoria Regional School Board. She currently is a part time French professor at Cape Breton University, instructing diverse cultures in French Second Language.