Chris Palmer
Constituency : Kings West

I grew up outside of Halifax, in Herring Cove,( shout out to all my Metro friends) and graduated from JL Ilsley and then Dalhousie U with a BSC. The youngest of 6 kids, my parents were awesome role models and were great examples of serving others and community involvement! I was probably spoiled though as the youngest(just ask my siblings)! I met my beautiful wife Heather at Dal at the beginning of my music career and after getting married, we were blessed with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five awesome children, Rachel, Molly, Emma, Noah and Chloe!

In 1998 I entered the financial services industry and have been a self employed financial advisor ever since. My music has always been a huge passion for me and since 2005, I've been singing with the gospel group Sonlight, singing in churches and events all around Nova Scotia, creating 4 studio albums and writing-co writing many of our songs. Its been an honour to partner with many worthy causes throughout the years and help them raise much needed funds. In 2010, I joined a great group of people with Campaign for Kids, a non profit in our area, supporting underprivileged children in Kings County. Heather and myself have been involved in minor coaching in basketball at St Marys elementary and have enjoyed putting a love for sport and teamwork into many, many kids. In 2009 I ran as the candidate for the PC party in that election, and after continuing to be involved for all the years since, I have decided to put my name forward. I would like to take the passion, energy, work ethic, and integrity I've applied to all of my endeavours and now offer them up for public office