Janice Munroe-Dodge
Constituency : Hants West

Janice graduated from Dalhousie University with a B.A. in Sociology with professional interests in community engagement, health and well-being. In her free time Janice enjoys playing the piano, outdoor adventure, reading and laughing with family and friends.

From an early age she has participated in community events and volunteered on boards. Through these valuable experiences she has gained much appreciation for clear direction and effective policy. As the School Outreach Worker at West Hants Education Centre, Windsor, Janice collaborates with community partners to support and advocate for the success of our youth. Teaching piano for Moe's Music enables Janice to further connect with the people of Hants West and to participate in the exciting local economy.

She values small business and entrepreneurs in the area as she sees first-hand the increased sustainability, job opportunities and the return on investment for Nova Scotians. Janice is a proud resident of Summerville where she lives with her husband Jody and their two dachshunds.