John A. MacDonald
Constituency : Hants East

John is a middle child in a family of four, so was always the negotiator.  John graduated from Nova Scotia Community College in 1990 with a degree in data processing has lived in Lantz since 1999.  John has worked in the computer industry since 1990 and founded E-Commerce Solutions by Canucks Inc, an EDI Company that has international customers, in 1998.

Active in community with East Hants Chamber of Commerce since 2001, he held various positions including President.  John continued his community service when he was elected to Council for Lantz in Municipality of East Hants for 2008 and again in 2012 and therefore is very much in tune with local issues in​ the corridor and rural East Hants.

John continues to be active with various committee and groups, including local elementary; where he has seen the changes the Education system has gone thru over the last 15 years.  We need to work towards a solution for the students and teachers.

John knows that East Hants requires someone who will deal with the problems with the state of the two high schools and working on real improvements for future education.  Hants East has too many families without a family doctor and all residents must travel for basic health service, including but not limited to x-rays and specialists​.

John can be found in the area watching sport events, helping with a community group or sports teams.