John Wesley Chisholm
Constituency : Halifax Chebucto

My name is John Wesley Chisholm.

There’s a provincial election coming up in Nova Scotia and I’m running for a term in office.

I am running to push back against bad public policy from the unelected bureaucracy in Halifax that brought us problems like the senior's pharmacare shell game, the film industry mess, and the dilemmas in education and health.

What I Have To Offer

I love Nova Scotia. I love our story.

I’ve been building creative businesses in Nova Scotia for 20 years. I’ve brought over $40 million dollars in investment to the province, employing a lot of people and creating TV shows like The Sea Hunters, Canada Over The Edge, and Hope For Wildlife.

I’ve succeeded by recognizing and appreciating the most talented people and best ideas in Nova Scotia.

I have a degree in Finance from Dalhousie and I’ve just completed Masters degrees from the London School of Economics, HEC Paris and the Stern School of Business in New York.

Now I’m ready to get down to work for you and for Nova Scotia. I can do the math, understand the economics, think creatively, and put my heart into the effort required to push back.

My Values

Done right, the job is about being informed, principled, and responsible.

In spite of our abundance, we need to seek out the poorest and most vulnerable among us. These are the people who can show us the way. By acting responsibly toward them, by respecting and helping them, by raising them up, we increase our society and make it a better place for all.

To learn more about my ideas and efforts, please explore the site and feel free to call, write, or visit if you have any questions.