Matt Whitman
Constituency : Hammonds Plains-Lucasville

Matt Whitman is a father, husband and marathon runner from Hammonds Plains. He is currently the City Councillor in HRM13. Matt is the former deputy mayor of Halifax. Matt is the baby of four boys raised by a widowed mom and is a St. Mary's University grad and has spent 25 years in sales and communications in the finance, IT & public service industries. Matt has been called the "King of Networking" and is most well known for inventing "reverse networking" which is promoting others rather than yourself, and making it easy for people to say good things about you so that you don't have to and you can focus on others full time. Matt is a proud Nova Scotian who has travelled extensively and always loves to return home. Matt is an early adopter of social media. He has 15,000 LinkedIn connections, 10,000 Facebook friends, 7000 Facebook followers and also spends a little bit of time on Instagram.